Friday, October 16, 2009


during the spring of 2009, i began bringing home avocado pits from work and encouraging them to germinate in jars of water on windowsills. many were duds, but some split open and showed a desire to live. many of those perished on their own accord or were neglected by me, but one little trooper survived. by the time i was ready to move to guelph, the lone avocado pit had firm roots a couple inches long. i returned to waterloo on september the 13th and potted the avocado pit -- and it should be noted that this was a very delicate transplant process. the roots were very vulnerable having grown in water, not having a buffer of soil.

the avocado seemed to take to its new home. within a week, it had sent up a stem that has been growing steadily since.

avocado, october the 8th, 3&1/2 weeks after potted

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